ITINERO Travel is a team of people genuinely in love with travel. We share this passion with our clients. Do you know what inspires us the most? No, it's not new places and conquered peaks. Our primary motivation is the sparkling eyes and emotions of people who join our adventurous expeditions. We keep in touch with most of them after the trips and plan new journeys with some of them.
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  • Daria, USA
    Traveling to the USA has been a dream of mine for a long time, and this April, it came true in such bright colors. The USA is not only skyscrapers and megacities. It is, first of all, incredible nature.
    Thank you, Itinero Travel and Anna Gibiskys, for showing us this place.
  • Anastasia, Peru

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart to personally Anna Serdyuk and the whole Itinero team for organizing the tour to Peru in December 2021-January 2022.
    With this adventure, I discovered the New Continent and fell in love with it with all my soul 🙌.
    The organization of the tour was at a very high level: everything on the trip was convenient, easy, and comfortable. I relaxed and enjoyed my vacation as I didn't have to deal with organizational issues ☝️.
    When choosing new tours, I will look at Itinero 🌍 and can safely recommend the company to those interested.
  • Alex, Ecuador

    I have been traveling since 2012 when adventure and photo tourism began. I have gone through many experts on South and Central America and concluded that Itinero's expertise is top-notch. Trip to Peru and Ecuador have been amazing.
  • Alice, South Korea

    Thank you, Anna and Itinero team, for a memorable tailor-made tour. Thanks to such an organization, your approach - a traveler's life becomes happier. The memory of the trip to South Korea has taken its valuable pedestal place in my memory and soul.
    Our guide told me what kind of casting you organized. It was fun and fabulous that you have such an approach! Thank you
  • Anna, Russia

    I was on a tour of the Kuril Islands in October 2022. It was the best trip ever! The organization is super! Don't worry about anything, and enjoy the journey!
  • Anna, Mexico

    The best adventure travel company! Thank you, guys! I went to Mexico with a group; it was one of the best trips of my life! Everything is exciting, super organized, and awesome! I will go somewhere else again.
  • Svetlana, Socotra, Yemen

    I gathered my thoughts to write this review and share my impressions about our private tour to Socotra, which was wonderfully organized by the Itinero team! I want to note, that this is not our first and hopefully not the last trip with this team). Everything is always clear and punctual, and new offers for every taste and budget.

    A little bit about Socotra! And now, finally, after the anxiety and excitement associated with the complicated political situation in Yemen, the dream has come true. This unusual wild island is for experienced adventurers and for those who have tired of the standard programs and not for gentle tourists, as you will have to live in tents all week to lead a nomadic way. The island is worth visiting before it loses its unique look.

    We were lucky enough to see Socotra during the flowering of the bottle tree, which added even more visual color. It is an island of contrasts. Beautiful nature and ocean, flowering trees, Ramadan, and mud. There are goats eating polyethylene and vultures and many, many cute crabs. Ah, yes, and the dunes, beautiful dunes that I have never seen anywhere else! I recommend it, thank you.
  • Ksenia, Peru and USA

    I made 2 adventures with Itinero - to Peru in June 2022 and to the USA in September of the same year. Excellent company - everything is well organized, soulful tour leaders, comfortable transport, exclusive itinerary, and wonderful secret places, the density of events is suitable, in general, I am in total delight and plan to be in new amazing trips with this company.
  • Alice, South Africa

    I want to express my tremendous gratitude to Anna and her team here.
    Yesterday night another operator decided to cancel my hotel reservation in South Africa unilaterally (I will not go into details) and to fly in three days. Anna and her team got involved (at night!!), and I had a great offer at a reasonable price the next day. They managed to find hotels, allocate guides, and organize a safari and a helicopter flight.
    You guys are making this world a better place 🪷 keep doing it, and become even more significant and recognizable in business.
  • Svetlana, Bolivia
    For three years, Bolivia kept me away.
    For various reasons, I had to cancel my trip at the last minute.
    And the more I strived to get here. Stubbornness is my middle name lol
    This year, the local fellow who was supposed to take me on an expedition started fooling around and jacking up the prices a couple of weeks before arrival.
    I would be okay with overpaying, but I wasn't mentally ready to take a cheap tour (where they stuff you in a jeep and leave you to sleep in icy hostels with six people in a room and a toilet outside).
    I was freaking out and was ready to postpone the trip again.
    And then I was literally saved by Anna Gibiskys (Anna Pshishilny)
    She provided me with her trusted and reliable expedition team in Bolivia.
    As a result, I immediately got the perfect itinerary designed for me.
    With overnight stays in warm and cozy salt hotels. With hot showers in my room, delicious food, wine, and a jeep at my complete disposal.
    In addition, my guide turned into a professional Instagram photographer in half a day.
    He told me what dress to wear, how to stand up, not to mention unexpected props like a violin, balloons, and a flashlight, which he pulled out of the trunk like a magician. I was absolutely thrilled with the trip!
    Anna from Itinero Travel will lead a group to Bolivia and Atacama in just a few days. And I'm even a little jealous of these guys - because they have yet to see all this beauty.
    And I guarantee you it will be an excellent itinerary with perfect organization.