We created the DEEP DIVE concept for those who truly love travel and feel life vibrant and fulfilled.
DEEP DIVE for us is an opportunity to show our exceptional skills and knowledge of our team in developing distinctive travel plans and adventures that are immersive, hedonistic, dedicated to new knowledge, and memorable experiences.
We craft journeys to some of the most desirable and spellbinding places worldwide, where we strive to leave you with a feeling of admiration and wonderment.

The value of DEEP DIVE is that the project is created not by guides but by travel experts, professional travelers, and entrepreneurs for people who are curious about life and new safe experiences.

Those who care not only about visiting new places but also about being in a community of like-minded travelers share enjoyment from great food, art, and exploration.

That's why here you will find interesting and different activities, specialists, and involved group managers, who, unlike a typical guides working on a mass conveyor of people,
are truly interested in how your trip will go.


Itinero Travel Club aims to create sustainable travel projects that support local communities, respect for nature and wildlife, intellectual content, and involvement in quality travel experiences. Independent individuals, couples, and families with experienced child travelers from 8 years old and up travel with us.


Expanding tourism horizons

We know all the countries in our "travel calendar" very well, which gives us the opportunity to create vivid travel projects. Our travels are full of thoughtful details and atypical places, and we zealously make sure that each itinerary has something that others don't. Our secret techniques and friendship with locals give us incredible opportunities for creativity!

Support the local community

We work only with local guides and contractors. Our partners are small and reliable companies with impeccable reputations, not giant and unstable tour operators. By creating author trips, we help local people earn money, not companies that make the country poorer.

Giving the unique experience

Do you have a visit to the desert in mind? Then it will be an exciting buggy ride! Want to explore the aquatic world? Let's have an unforgettable snorkeling trip with mantas in Hawaii. We arrange the possibilities and we don't set limits, we don't skimp on the experience.

Care about the environment

No harm to the state of the planet is part of our mission. We respect nature, care for animals, don't hunt them, and don't support any kind of consumerism.
We develop the designer routes, accompany you on adventures, climb mountain peaks, cross valleys and deserts with you, take care of logistics and at the same time take pictures with professional photo equipment along the way.

Anna Gibiskys

Founder of ITINERO Travel, travel photographer for National Geographic
Anna is our visionary leader and an expert in North and South America and Southeast Asia with eight years of experience leading tour groups. Anna speaks three languages fluently, teaches the basics of travel photography, leads photo and jeep tours, and presents as a public speaker at tourism and photography festivals. She has visited 45 countries (many of them seven or ten times), climbed five volcanoes up to 6,000 meters high and did two solo expeditions to the lesser-known Andes parts.

Anna creates elaborated and unique VIP travel projects in no time when it is necessary to meet unconventional requests of travelers and manages family journeys.

Business Developer

Ksenia develops the company's current products and participates in creating future ones. She researches the industry, markets, and key trends. She also communicates with our travelers and potential clients to determine the main interests and needs of the audience.

She has visited 15 countries in solo and group travel formats as a traveler and knows and communicates in three languages.
Travel Coordinator
There are two solutions when you yearn to explore the world and can only look at one landscape briefly. The first is to travel yourself, and the second is to work in travel. And when these two factors coincide, it is already called a vocation! That's exactly how I feel about working in the Itinero team.

Each country is unique, and it is better to see once than to hear a hundred times. But if you need to make a difficult choice and understand where it will be best for you this time, I will tell you about all the nuances of the country and route and the uniqueness of your dream trip.
Travel Designer
Alex creates group and tailor made travel programs: he researches countries and trendy locations, building accurate timings, and filling and implementing plans - from booking hotels to selecting guides and excursions. He optimize budgets and provide support to group’s managers.

As a traveler, he has visited more than 20 countries in different parts of the world, many more than once, and speaks three languages. And together with his wife, whom he met on an airplane during one of his trips, he has set a goal to visit 80 countries together!