New Year 2023
in Peru

We traveled south of Peru
to the most beautiful region of the Andes.
It's rich in tradition.
Here, people create colorful textiles,
fire pottery, and grow potatoes.
And corn, herd llamas, and worship Mother Earth.
None of our trips to Peru is without a visit to a Quechua village. We have been helping this family and the town's children for over ten years. Seeing how our tourists are emotionally overwhelmed from communicating with the locals is always touching.
You can always have a few photos from Machu Picchu! We consistently arrive by opening time to enjoy a visit to the Sacred City without the crowds of tourists.
Arequipa is a city of white stone.
See the mysterious volcano, Misti, visit the beautiful monastery town of St. Catalina, and have dinner on a rooftop overlooking the city's main square!
In Puno, we live on the straw islands of Uros, where everything is made of straw. Here we get to know the life of the Aymara Indians.
Paracas is included in the optional program of our Peru tours. We live in a five-star hotel on the ocean for two days, ride through the desert in buggies, and visit national parks.
Join us on your next trip to Peru!