The beauty of the Chilean Park
Torres del Paine
Torres del Paine we visit on our journey through Patagonia. It is divided into a Chilean part and an Argentine part. About the Chilean national park is our story.
For three days, we stay in the heart of the park, a hotel on Pehoe Island. It is accessible by a narrow bridge.

And there are mountains all around!

There are more than 300 kilometers of hiking trails in this park. Of course, we don't walk all of them, but we spend our time actively!
Los Cuernos is the landmark of this park. It means "horns." Indeed, look closely at these mountains; they resemble the horns of mountain goats.
Another iconic park spot is the peaks of Las Torres - towers by a mountain lake with ultramarine water. It takes several hours to climb to them, and the track is 9 km long one way.
The unpredictable Patagonian weather doesn't stop us from enjoying the journey. And the magnificent views here are at every turn! Between the two lakes is the Salto Grande waterfall. Be sure to take a hundred photos to remember) to reminisce later!
Also, the wind is mighty in these parts! It's like it's ripping you off the ground! That could be why those mountains in the background are still unconquered.
That's what three days from our Patagonian adventure were like!
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