We all have this dream - to see the real Africa. To go where the crocodiles, hippos and green parrots live.

We choose Kenya to fulfill this dream. In Kenya, you get the coolest jeep safaris, nature lodges and the warm Indian Ocean and don't have to pay for overpriced tourist services.

This trip includes:
- nice new jeeps only
- all-inclusive meals to let all worries go
- an experienced driver capable of pulling the car out of the clay soil and spotting all savannah animals

Enjoy our photo report!
A classic safari means early-morning rides to the savannah to catch the dawn and late-afternoon rides to stay until the dark. Add the evenings around a fire pit with drinks and stories in a warmhearted company.

We have a neat selection of lodges with a bar and a pool to chill out during the midday scorcher.
People adore safari for seeing a ton of diverse animals and birds and encountering the species they never heard of before.

Looking back on my previous trips, I can say that meeting people who join such trips is as inspiring as going for a safari in the savannah.
All photos in this report were taken with a phone, so you can see how close this trip brings you to the abundant wildlife of Africa.

One of the marvelous experiences is a walk on Crescent Island. It happened that herbivores inhabited the island, coming via a narrow isthmus to enjoy its safety. The predators, mostly hyenas, come here at night and leave in the morning.

Here you can walk and take pictures next to the herbivore animals.
Our last stop on the trip is the seashore, where we relax and have fun in an awesome SPA resort. It has everything you can imagine: yoga, tennis court, several restaurants, water sports, diving, jet-ski, cascading pools, beautiful territory - and a magnificent beach Diani.
We go on this trip twice a year: at the New Year time and in August, during the massive migration of the wildebeest.