An adventurous tour to Africa. Spectacular places you can't get to alone, meeting with the Himba tribes, comfortable jeep rides!

up to 12 people in the group

15 days of travel
for $3 000

Dates: on request

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Big African Journey

Anna, The founder of Itinero Travel Club
"Africa is the second-largest and populous continent! Here the deserts are combined with a unique, thriving ecosystem. We have laid our route through three countries: Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe.

These countries combine colonial past and African essence in an amazing way: monuments of German colonial architecture and traditional clay dwellings, ethnic Europeans, and members of the Himba and Damara tribes.

Our main goal is a combination of comfort, safety, locations, and experiences. We'll see the best of southern Africa: Victoria Falls, the wilds of the Okavango Delta, the hard-to-reach areas of the Namib Desert, and the red dunes. We will see elephants and lions, zebras and leopards, rhinos and roe deer. Drink coffee under the fresh ocean breeze of the Atlantic. Meet the Bushman tribe in the Kalahari Desert."

Anna Gibiskys, the founder of Itinero Travel Club
Visit the very heart of the famous Namib Desert
Fly in a helicopter
over Victoria Falls
Climb the red dunes
at sunset
See the Big Five
Meet the local tribes
Ride 80 km along the coast in jeeps
About the tour


Travel with Itinero is a perfect timing and ITINERARY

Day 1
Welcome to Africa!
We have arranged a transfer for you from the airport to your hotel. Today we gather together, get acquainted, and discuss our upcoming trip. We check our clothes and charge our cameras for fantastic pictures.
Day 2
Victoria Falls
By lunch, we arrive at the legendary Victoria Falls. We will take pictures and admire the waterfall from the highest point, walk through the rainforest, see boars, monkeys, and tropical life already on the first day.

If we are lucky, in the evening we will go to a fabulous dinner in a country manor, with Maasai dancing, roe deer on a spit, national dress, and rhythms.
Day 3
Victoria Falls
If you prefer, you can spend the morning in the Devil's Pool, lounging in a stone bowl over the precipice of Victoria Falls.

Today we'll walk across the famous Victoria Railway-Pedestrian-Car Bridge, which offers a cosmic view of the canyon.

You can do a bungee jump, or, well, watch others experience the adrenaline rush.
We return for lunch, grab a bite to eat, and take a helicopter flight over the waterfall.

In the evening we cross the border between Zimbabwe and Botswana and arrive in Kasane. We will stay overnight at a campsite on the riverbank.
Day 4
Chobe National Park
We go to Chobe National Park, with Namibia across the river. Chobe has the largest concentration of elephants in the world, we will see herds of 50-70 animals. We will see the internal herd hierarchy, bathing in the river, elephant sunbathing, and other wild animal life. We will definitely see some springboks!

From Chobe we head to the second nature area, the huge Savuti! Leopards and lions live here.
We'll camp overnight at a campsite overlooking the rock massifs, under majestic trees. And we'll need to clean up our food because opossums will come during the night.
Day 5
Okavango River Delta
Today we go to see the birds that nest near the ponds. In the morning light, you can see why this place is a Mecca for photographers.

After breakfast, we take the scenic sandy road to the Okavango River Delta.

We will stay at South Africa's coolest campsite, the beauty of it is that it has no fence, and hyenas and even elephants can come close.

After lunch, we'll take a boat tour and head out on the sunset Okavango to see hippos and crocodiles.
Day 6
Chobe National Park
In the late morning, we take a long drive through the park to the Maun. We will see roe deer and hippos, zebras and rhinos, maybe even raptors.

At Maun, we stay in an atmospheric German lodge and take a break from the experience.
Day 7
Welcome to Namibia!
We get up early today to cross the border and enter the Bushmen's territory.

We will spend the evening at the campsite preparing for the next day.
Day 8
Bushmen Village and Groottfontein
Today we go to a Bushmen village. Accustomed to tourists, they remain real, and although they do things a bit on display, they show not a picture, but their daily, challenging reality. We will see their everyday life and the decoration of their houses, understand how Bushmen hunt, and spend a few hours in a bush among those who live a very different life.

In the evening we go to the town of Grootfontein. It is built in the German way: neat and slender, it is striking both in its own style and the view of the sunset mountains. We will stay in a family farmstead with a swimming pool and get ready for the pearl of our trip - Etosha National Park.
Day 9
Etosha National Park.
We are in Etosha National Park, South Africa's most spectacular park. It is famous for its vast territory and abundance of wildlife, and this is where we will meet giraffes, leopards, and lions. We will see and take photos only from the car. Last time a leopard killed a roe deer and made a bloody dinner several meters away from our SUV.

By nightfall, we return behind the fence of the campsite, have dinner and look at the stars from the panoramic tower. If we have enough energy, we'll take a night tour in an open car and see lions under the moon and stars.
Day 10
«Mad Max» and the oldest town
We leave Etosha by a long and beautiful route, through the places where the run from "Mad Max" was filmed. From the flat wasteland, we get into the rocky massifs, where it already feels like a desert. For lunch, we stop at the arboretum, where a local family keeps a fantastic cafe and breeds countless cacti.

In the evening we will reach one of Namibia's oldest towns, Swakopmund, which lies on the border of the Namib Desert. We will have a view of the dunes and the Atlantic Ocean in front of us! We will have dinner in a restaurant that was opened in 1905. It is located on the same pier where the first settlers arrived to take part in the Diamond Rush.
Day 11
Namib desert
Today we will rest in the city. We will go to the serpentarium, where we will see one of the most venomous snakes in the world, the black mamba.

In Swakopmund, the ocean comes ashore, so you can swim in the raging Atlantic.
pWe embark on a majestic expedition on jeeps to the dunes, following the coast for about 80 kilometers. On this route, on a previous expedition, we stumbled upon a human skeleton. Although technically the Skeleton Coast remains 300 kilometers to the south, traces of the past are found here as well. And, of course, wrecked ships are always visible.

You can only drive at low tide, the strip between the Atlantic and the steep dunes is only 15 meters. As we pass this tricky part and climb the dunes, the endless, rugged and alluring Namib stretches out behind us, the raging Atlantic ahead, and somewhere beyond the waves is distant South America. We will ride the dunes, build a fire and watch and photograph the desert as hard as we can, drink red semi-dry among the sands by the fire, and have quiet conversations under the crumbling stars.
Day 12
Namibia National Park
We wake up in the desert and go back the same way. We'll stop at the town of Wolfish Bay. It is famous for its flamingo colony. There we have lunch and drive to Namibia National Park. The park is stunning with mountain ranges, statues, majestic views, and canyons, one of which we will drive through.

The final point is a village overlooking red dunes that will rise straight out of the cliffs. The height of the sand mountains here reaches 350 meters. Near these giants, we will spend the night.
Day 13
Sossusvlei Village and the Red Dunes
The main goal of the trip, that everyone goes to Namibia for is the village of Sossosvlei with its red dunes, where we climb the famous Big Mama Dune at sunset. These sandy mountains, with Dead Lake nearby, are among the top 100 locations for photos. And in general, you feel like you are on another planet there.

We will drive through the dunes, see the orange sands and stay overnight at a campsite in the middle of the desert. It's usually crowded, and you can have fascinating conversations with travelers from all over the world.
Day 14
Today we go to Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. On this day we drive, rest, look at different types of cities and get into the local specifics, as we will spend the night in a hotel with armed guards.

In Windhoek we have a farewell dinner. At the delicatessen, we will relive everything, remember, share our impressions, collect inside what we want to take home. We will feel how unique and full of life Africa in general and Namibia in particular is.
Day 15
Goodbye Africa!
Today we leave for home, usually in the afternoon. We pack our bags and fly home: shaking the sand out of our boots and putting souvenirs on the shelf, revisiting photographs, flaunting our tans, finishing the new experience, dreaming of another sky, and knowing that all the childhood books, adventure movies, and travel stories were our own incredible experience.
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The emotions of our

$3 000*
  • Jeep rentals, campsites, equipment, gasoline, insurance of transport and your responsibility for it
  • Safari in national parks and fees
  • Jeep rides through the dunes and an oyster picnic
  • Visits to the Himba and Damara tribes
  • All entrance tickets, all excursions, and guided tours
  • All movements along the route in comfortable off-road vehicles with air conditioning
  • Photo and video shooting of all adventures
  • Accommodation in comfortable campsites
Not included
  • Flight to Victoria Falls and from Windhoek
  • travel insurance
Pay if you wish
  • single occupancy


  • We compose unique itineraries
    We don't use popular guidebooks - we craft our own.
    We explore each country and talk with locals before we bring our guests. Hence our tours inspire a burst of positive feedback and vivid emotions!

  • We handpick hotels
    We choose 4- and 5-star hotels and screen them in person before the trip. We're confident that online photos and ratings of these hotels match reality. We choose the accommodation in the central parts of the cities or in convenient locations along the route to save time on travel.
  • We keep comfort in mind
    We always prefer a short flight to a long trip by ground transportation. Chartered buses and public transportation are not about us. We use comfortable vehicles for all transfers and trips during the tour.
  • We elaborate the program
    Our professional travel designers thoughtfully select sightseeing, events and tours for your program. The trip price includes all activities; no additional charges required.