Dates: on request, 14 days
$3 500

Volcano Valley, Central Ecuador, and Galapagos Islands

Great Expedition
We start our expedition with a meeting in Quito, a city of colonial architecture and Catholic cathedrals. Quito was one of the first sites to be inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

Then two days of relax await us in the spa town of Baños, famous for its thermal springs, mind-blowing waterfalls, and swings over a precipice.

Gradually increasing in altitude, we will go to the crater of the Kilatoa volcano, which has a delightful blue lake and fumaroles buzzing on its shores. And at the conclusion of the continental part we will live at the foot of Cotopaxi Volcano in the national park.
Blue-footed boobies
View of Quito
Quilatoa Crater
Traditional villages
Wonderful people and culture
Colorful Cities
And then there are 5 days at sea, many interesting beaches and endemic animals in the Galapagos Islands. We will leisurely travel between the islands by ferry and enjoy the unique flora and fauna of this small world. Then we will return to Quito and visit the most authentic market in the city of Otavalo.


Day 1
Arrival of the group, transfer to the hotel and rest.

On the first day of the tour we leisurely acclimatize, the participants will arrive on different flights.

Group transfers will be arranged, after analysis of purchased airline tickets. Travelers arriving in the middle of the night will get to the hotel on their own by taxi.
Day 2
A day of sightseeing in charming Quito!

Our hotel is right on the main square in the historic center. We'll drive to the equator line, climb to the roof of a Gothic basilica, check out the gold museum from pre-Columbian cultures, watch the sunset at the observation deck, and in the evening, take a stroll down the party street.
Day 3
In the morning we will have a three-hour transfer to Baños, famous for its relaxed resort atmosphere. Located at the foot of the Tungurahua volcano, Baños offers thermal springs and many pleasant restaurants.

We will visit the legendary house with a swing on the tree with a great view! Also visit the Gothic volcanic stone temple.
Day 4
After breakfast we will go on an excursion "the road of waterfalls"! The day will start at Agoyan Falls. Next stop is the spectacular Manto de la Novia. We'll take a cable car ride over the Pestazi River.

And the cherry on the cake is the massive Pailon del Diablo waterfall, one of the most powerful and most unusual waterfalls in Ecuador, where we will walk over a suspension bridge and balconies. By the way, there are gorgeous lights at night.
Day 5
Kilotoa to Cotopaxi
Today we will visit the most beautiful natural landmark - Kilotoa Lagoon. It is a volcanic crater filled with crystal blue water. On the way to the crater lake, we visit the local market in Pujili, traditional for the Ecuadorian countryside. Yes, native Quechua Indians still live here and the spirit of a real village prevails.

By sunset we will reach Cotopaxi National Park, where we will stay in a five-star hostel! You won't be able to take your eyes off the massive volcano of Cotopaxi.
Day 6
Cotopaxi to Quito
In the morning we go to explore the natural national park, whose main attraction is the volcano Cotopaxi. We spend the day in the fresh air. We can ride a horse, bike, walk and just meditate on the views.

By evening we arrive at the 4* hotel at the already familiar Quito airport, as we have an early departure for the Galapagos at 7 am.
Day 7
Galapagos Islands
For the next 5 days we will explore the Galapagos Islands! Early in the morning we have a flight wich take 3.5 hours.

Arrival on Santa Cruz Island, transfer to the hotel will take 2 hours. After checking into the hotel and lunch, we will go to Tortuga Beach, considered one of the best beaches in the Galapagos.

On the beach you can see pelicans, iguanas and other amazing Galapagos fauna.
Day 8
Bartolomé Island
Trip to Bartolomé Island, a small island with a fantastic lunar landscape. After climbing the steps to the observation deck, we have the most beautiful view of the islands!

Then we can snorkel to the golden beach where you can see stingrays, small sharks and turtles.
The tour will start at 6 am, returning to the hotel by 4 pm. There will be a typical lunch on the boat - chicken, rice and fruit.

After returning to Santa Cruz Island, you will have free time from 4pm.
Day 9
Isabela Island
Isabella Island is the largest island in the archipelago. It has many picturesque lagoons with flamingos, pelicans, frigates, hawks, great cormorants and coastal waters teeming with marine life. Isabella has wonderful beaches where you can see penguins!

We will arrive on the island early in the morning (sea cruise from 8am to 10:30am).

During the day we plan to visit Pearl Shell, visit the flamingo lagoon and fully soak up the atmosphere of relaxation.
Day 10
Isabela Island
In the morning we go snorkeling at "Las Tintoreras" and look for sea iguanas, reef sharks and other amazing animals that live in the water among the frozen lava.
The afternoon will be free, recharge your energy and relax as much as you can! :)
Day 11
Santa Cruz
The first thing to do is to get a good night's sleep and a good breakfast! We can't do without it!
Then we go to look at the giant Galapagos turtles, we hope for a show.

After lunch, we take a speedboat and a 2-hour sail to Santa Cruz Island, with arrival time around 3:00 pm.

At your leisure time you can visit the Charles Darwin Research Station, check out the fish market where pelicans and sea lions are on duty, optionally shark and turtle nursery.
Day 12
In the morning, scheduled two-hour transfer to the airport (42km by cab + already familiar boat 5 minutes + bus to the airport Baltra).

Fly to Quito, transfer to hotel located in the historic part of the city and rest.
Day 13
A free day to get a good night's sleep and plan something for the soul.

We recommend booking an excursion to the cloud forest of Mashpee, where you can watch toucans with a naturalist, search for frogs and admire hummingbirds fluttering.

And if you like such things, spend a few hours at the Quito National Museum.

In the evening, we meet at the restaurant to celebrate the end of a wonderful trip!
Day 14
Depending on the time of departure, we organize transfer to the airport. The group usually departs at different times, we organize several cabs grouping the participants close to the departure time.

Adventure cost: $ 3 500

What is included:
  • внутренние авиаперелеты Кито - Бальтра - Кито
  • аэропортовые трансферы на Галапагосах и 2 групповых трансфера в Кито
  • сборы и туристические пермиты Галапагосских островов
  • 14 дней путешествия активного формата
  • 5 дней на Галапагосских островах
  • все лодочные круизы и экскурсия на остров Бартоломе
  • сити-туры в Кито и все входные билеты достопримечательностей
  • все сборы национальных парков и местные гиды
  • трансферы на автобусе по всему Эквадору
  • отели 3-5* и питание на базе завтраков
  • сопровождение Юлии Пьянковой - тимлида команды ITINERO
  • все передвижения и экскурсии описанные в программе путешествия
  • фото и видео съёмка всех приключений
Оплачивается самостоятельно:
  • международный авиаперелет до Кито 1300 - 1700$
  • ПЦР-тесты на прилет в Кито (максимум 10 дней срок) и на Галапагосы (максимум 96 часов). 120 долларов будет стоить тест в Баньосе.
  • обязательная страховка путешественника с покрытием лечения COVID
  • питание в городах, алкоголь ~600$
По желанию:
  • доплата за одноместное размещение 650$


Where will we stay?
We have selected 3- and 4-star hotels for this journey, as well as a comfortable 5-star lodge near the Quilotoa Crater, which is located at an altitude of 3,600 meters.

The travelers will stay in the rooms for two guests. Let us know if you request a single room.

Please be aware that hotels can be changed at any time according to the needs and size of the group.

We strive to provide the highest level of comfort within the budget of the group.


  • We compose unique itineraries
    We don't use popular guidebooks - we craft our own.
    We explore each country and talk with locals before we bring our guests. Hence our tours inspire a burst of positive feedback and vivid emotions!

  • We handpick hotels
    We choose 4- and 5-star hotels and screen them in person before the trip. We're confident that online photos and ratings of these hotels match reality. We choose the accommodation in the central parts of the cities or in convenient locations along the route to save time on travel.
  • We keep comfort in mind
    We always prefer a short flight to a long trip by ground transportation. Chartered buses and public transportation are not about us. We use comfortable vehicles for all transfers and trips during the tour.
  • We elaborate the program
    Our professional travel designers thoughtfully select sightseeing, events and tours for your program. The trip price includes all activities; no additional charges required.